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ライブ撮影:土居 政則

《4/10(WED) SET LIST》
  1. 1.Helpless
  2. 2.Moving On and Getting Over
  3. 3.Who Says
  4. 4.Something Like Olivia
  5. 5.No Such Thing
  6. 6.Queen Of California (with Blues Run The Game Intro)
  7. 7.I Guess I Just Feel Like
  8. 8.Vultures
  9. 9.New Light
  10. 10.Still Feel Like Your Man
  11. 11.Walt Grace
  12. 12.Daughters
  13. 13.Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty Cover)
  14. 14.Stop This Train
  15. 15.Whisky, Whisky, Whisky
  16. 16.Belief (with Ed Sheeran)
  17. 17.Thinking Out Loud (with Ed Sheeran)
  18. 18.Edge Of Desire
  19. 19.Paper Doll
  20. 20.Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (with The Beautiful Ones Intro)
  21. 21.In The Blood
  22. 22.In Repair
  23. EN1.Born And Raised
  24. EN2.Gravity
《4/11(THU) SET LIST》
  1. 1.Belief
  2. 2.Moving On and Getting Over
  3. 3.I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
  4. 4.Who Says
  5. 5.Waitin’ on the Day
  6. 6.Love on the Weekend
  7. 7.Something Like Olivia
  8. 8.Changing
  9. 9.Why Georgia
  10. 10.New Light
  11. 11.In Your Atmosphere
  12. 12.Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan cover)
  13. 13.Your Body Is a Wonderland
  14. 14.Neon
  15. 15.I Guess I Just Feel Like
  16. 16.Rosie
  17. 17.In the Blood
  18. 18.Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (with The Beautiful Ones Intro)
  19. 19.The Age of Worry
  20. 20.If I Ever Get Around to Living
  21. 21.Waiting on the World to Change
  22. 22.Dear Marie
  23. EN1.You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me
  24. EN2.Gravity


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